• A Sound Journey

    Back to your center.

  • About Sound Alchemy

    You're invited to be bathed in sound... to surrender into deep rest and bliss.

    "The magic of 'Musical Medicine' will come into its own.

    The application of such healing potencies will NOT be limited just to man’s body and mind. It will be an agency for building and healing his soul as well.”

    ~ Corinne Heline

  • The Sound Alchemy Process

    The following sacred instruments are used, to facilitate and support your surrender into deep rest and bliss.

    Sacred Geometry Cards are also used to support you during the process.


    Sound and Silence


    Light and Sound


    Pulsating Energy Waves

  • Your Alchemist


    Singer-Songwriter & Sound Alchemist

    A lifetime student of voice and music, Jacqueline has been singing for over 20 years and writing songs for the past decade. SOUND ALCHEMY is her devotional service, adored by hundreds of participants since 2015.


    It's Jacqueline's soul's purpose to share sacred sound to support awakening souls and the rising feminine.


    Her album, BOHEMIAN HEART, will set to release in 2019.

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  • Praise for Sound Alchemy

    What participants had to say after their Sound Alchemy experience with Jacqueline.

    A transcendent experience!

    ~ Josie B.

    "This feast of sound takes you on a journey that moves you into a state of awareness where the frequencies of your whole being are raised. Big thanks to Jacqueline for sharing her beautiful voice and gifts of music in service of the Whole."

    I took my whole family! Such a gift!

    ~ Rain Martin

    "Jacqueline is gifted in her capacity to sprinkle sound through space like jewels which shine for all to see... and in so doing, she soothes our souls - inspires, refreshes and renews our Spirit."

    I believe life is an invitation home to unconditional love and sound journey's with Jacqueline have enabled me to access that space within myself effortlessly.

    ~ Michael Dale

    Divine! Jacqueline's voice is like honey pouring over my soul!

    ~ Jennifer Bentley

  • Retreat Spontanaity

    The woman is me. California, USA - May 2017.

    Luckily someone at the retreat captured my spontaneous improv singing at the Gene Keys retreat.

    I edited out the beginning, where the guitarist and mandolin player had been playing improv for about 3 minutes before I started singing.

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  • FAQ

    Some common questions about Sound Alchemy.


    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

    What can I expect at a Sound Alchemy Session?

    It's hosted in a safe and comfortable environment. All participants lie down, and close their eyes and rest while the sounds and voice bath them in high vibration energy and frequency.

    Important: Please bring a yoga mat, or blanket to lie on, as well as a pillow and wear comfortable clothing.

    What influenced the birthing of Sound Alchemy?

    Soul Alchemy was gestating for over a decade within Jacqueline. She was deeply influenced by her travels and experiences around the world, including North America, Asia and of course her land of birth, Africa in exploring voice and song. She has also been very influenced by her travels to the islands of Hawai'i where she first experienced the Sacred Feminine.


    It was in 2012 and 2013, Jacqueline visited a healing sound chamber in Perth, Australia called Echoes (now Satori). After these experiences, she knew she had to share sacred sound, and so her curiosity developed in learning more instruments such as the didgeridoo, sound bowls, and space and hang drums.

    In 2015, Jacqueline traveled to Mozambique and was further inspired by Master musician and instrumentalist, Courtney Ward. Jacqueline also met sound healers Andre Bergh, and Lindi Te Water in Cape Town. In 2016 she had a brief encounter with master sound journey master, Chris Tokalon, who introduced her to overturning before his passing.


    Jacqueline has also traveled to Hawaii 3 times and lived for several months. She fees profoundly influenced by Polynesia and Hawaiian culture.


    These meetings and other powerful experiences felt as if the Universe has been calling here saying: "You've always known this is what you need to share with the world. Let me sing you!"

    Jacqueline was also encouraged by several friends and strangers when hearing her voice, sharing her voice, and to continue working on recording her songs and release an album (with songs she'd recording for over 10 years). The release date for the CD is expected in 2019.

    Where have you held past sessions?

    Since 2015, Jacqueline's shared her voice and Sound Alchemy sessions at large gatherings and events, as well as small and medium-sized in the Garden Route, Cape Town and surrounds.

    • Conferences (ie Learning Man, AfrikaBurn)
    • Workshops 
    • Retreats (RSA and USA)
    • Events 
    • Classes (before and after dance and yoga classes) 
    • Private events & functions

    Jacqueline is available for bookings requests via the contact form below.

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    Currently based in Cape Town, South Africa, Jacqueline hosts local events.
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